Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 9 my new m & m's

Can I just say I look so forward to going to the neighborhood farmer's every week. There is a vendor there who makes and sells raw food to go. I almost always buy a raw breakfast cookie from her which is so yummy. At $4 a cookie, believe me I savor it. Sadly, I had to pass this week due to low funds. I had to use my cash for all my greens for the week. Here's a list of goodies I bought this week. Romaine lettuce, peas, sugar snaps peas, rainbow Swiss chard, beets and broccoli. The peas have not been making it home. I shell the peas in the car and eat them like m & m's. If they do make it home, I have to fight my hubby for them. My teenager tried them raw but decided he liked his cooked. But hey, I am happy he is trying lots of different things.

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