Tuesday, July 31, 2012


As I mentioned in an earlier post, a local grocery store has a juice counter and they are now offering green juice. I am counting on getting juice here on the fly for my upcoming juice feast. I went in today, and the juicer is broken! They are waiting on a part and it could up to 2 weeks to reopen. Wow, that threw a wrench into my plans. I did get a coupon for a free large when they open, so all it not lost.

Planning for a juice feast is a lot of work! I plowing through raw cookbooks, websites and asking friends for recipes. I am planning to do 3 days of only juicing, the next 3 days smoothies and blended soups and the final 4 days adding all raw foods.

I am going to borrow a Champion juicer from a friend while she is on vacation. I have never used that type of juicer so it will be fun to see the difference in juice.

Friday, July 27, 2012

This man may have just convinced me to do a juice feast!

I was lucky enough to hear Dave the Raw Food Trucker speak this week at a local raw meet up.That is right, a raw vegan organic truck driver.  He has an amazing story of healing years of health problems with raw organic juices. You can hear his story on YouTube or at http://www.daveconrardy.com

I have been playing around with raw foods for about 3+ years. Although I am not vegan or even vegetarian, I do believe that raw foods is a path to try for healing the body. I have done several challenges over the years -high raw for 30 days, daily smoothies for 9 months and adding green juices into my everyday life, I  never thought I could do a juice feast. It actually overwhelms me a little. But I have a few health issues I would like to address and feel now (after hearing Dave speak) is the time to do it. I mean if this man could commit to juicing for 90 days on the road, I can do it from my home. Now seems like the perfect time to do it with produce being so plentiful in Ohio right now. So in the morning off to the farmers' market with a list of juice recipes and produce needed. I will also be stopping at my favorite food raw vendor and purchasing some yummies. Stay tuned.