Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Juice, juice everywhere

This post is way over due! Just like so many of my library books.
I have been really craving green juice. I usually stick with kale but I have been mixing things up with arugula and spinach. I used to be all about green smoothies and drink one every day. Then all of a sudden my green smoothie mojo disappeared. It took me months to start again. Now I have one once at week or so. But they do not hit the spot like the green juice does.
Today's juice:
1 bunch of kale
5 stalks of celery
2-3 carrots
1/2 c cilantro
1/2 c green grapes
So tasty.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mushroom Leek Tart from Rawmazing

The directions suggest to wrap foil around the pan. Do it!

Next marinade mushrooms in Nama Shoyu and Olive Oil.

The next layer is washed spinach.

Thinly sliced leeks are next.

Cashews, water, white pepper and tarragon.

I topped mine with a few more leeks.

9 hours in the dehydrator and wow, this was good.
Notice the bite I took as soon as it came out. I had to taste it right?

I made this yummy dish the other night. It was a little more work than I want to do on a weeknight but I had all the ingredients handy. My hubby liked it too. We couldn't finish it all so we put it in the freezer. In a couple of weeks, I will tell you how it held up. My only suggestion for this recipe is I would layer the cashew cream in between each layer instead on pouring it on at the end.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Back to blogging and to my green regime

Yummy Green Juice!
Ready to drink

Oops, I think I missed a sticker. At least I hope that is what that small blue thing is that went into the compost pile. I didn't even notice it when I took the picture.
So in the month I have been absent from blogging, I finished my iron treatments . I also found out I am very low in vitamin D. So add another supplement to the pile that I take daily. I had several people tell me about Floradix iron with Herbs. It is suppose to be great from maintaining a normal iron level. So now that mine is normal, I am going to try it. I was tested 2 weeks ago and things look good. I go back to the doctor next month. So I am going to take this month to really eat iron filled foods and more raw foods. I feel good at about 50% although I hate stating percentages. Percentages are just more numbers that seem to define people. SAT, GPA, age, annual income, dress size, weight. I know I left a few others that make people stress.
Right now, I am really thinking about choices I am making and not so much about numbers. Numbers seem to hold me back. Maybe not hold me back as much as keep me stagnate. I would focus too much on them, giving them way more power that they deserve.
WOW this is not what I intended to talk about at all today. I really wanted to say that I want to blog more and stay off of Facebook. :)