Monday, June 27, 2011

The end of the cleanse

I am wrapping up my cleanse and I indulged in wine and other triggers this weekend and I feel awful. I did not juice Saturday or Sunday and I can totally tell.  I stayed in bed an extra hour, feel sluggish and overall just tired. So last night I headed back to the neighborhood co-op to pick up some of my favorite raw/cleansing yummies. Bubbie's pickles, raw onion bread and some sprouts. I am going to double up on green juice today and ask my body for forgiveness. I will continue to juice in the morning now that I see what happens when I don't. Also I have lost my mojo for coffee. I think that I really want the sugar/syrup that Starbucks offers in my Venti French Roast.

Although I didn't do exactly what Kris suggested, I really did have some great results from the cleanse.
I lost 12 pounds, realized that I really do have an addiction to sugar and I love green juice. (Which I already knew but it was reinforced). I wish I was better about blogging every day but it's not in me.

I am planning to this 21 cleanse again in July.  But this time I plan to do it with a group of people.

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