Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 1

Here's how the day went
Lemon water upon rising
1 Red Ruby grapefruit with a sprinkling of hemp seed
Over priced Green Juice at a juice bar $7! yikes Kale, parsley, carrots and pear

Broccoli tahini pate from Raw Food Revolution --Yummy
Snacking on Raw Cheeze-its in the dehydrator (I hope there are some left at the end of the day)

OK dinner didn't go as planned.  I planned to make a raw soup but I went with the kids and friends bowling. I ate some of the black bean nachos. I had a little sour cream that I was not planning to eat but I am not beating myself over it.
I had a raw cacao macaroon for a evening snack.

I went to bed @ 11:30. Which is 2 hours earlier than usual. I took a walk. No coffee. No meat. I didn't meditate/pray for 20 minutes, it was closer to 5. I have to work on that.

So I thought day 1 went well. I didn't take pictures but I promise to today. Have a great day!

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