Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Let's do lunch

All that talk about jicama sushi rice made me hungry for some. So I made a big batch for dinner and now I will have the leftovers for lunch. Let me show you how....

First I peel the root. The skin is fairly thin so in places, I could pull off the skin almost like paper.

Next, cube the root and place in the food processor. Do not overload the processor or you will end up with chunks. I usually make 2 batches.

Process until jicama resembles rice.

I line a calender with a paper towel and drain. Too much moisture in the rice makes the nori very soggy.

Add rice wine vinegar and agave. I do not measure. But I do know it's more vinegar than agave, taste until you get that sticky rice flavor.

Spread a thin layer of rice on a piece of raw nori.

Slice strips of your favorite veggies. I also added avocado.
Roll up tight and cut on a diagonal. Enjoy.

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