Sunday, May 30, 2010

Menu planning

I have been pouring over my raw cookbooks and recipes that I have saved over the past year. Now I think I have more recipes than I could make in a month. For me the planning is key. If I do not have ready to eat food on hand, I stray from healthy eating to convenient eating.
Since my DH is going raw with me, I asked him what were his favorite raw dishes I have made over the past year. He had a hard time remembering what things were called but described to me what he liked. We now have a list of about 15 staples that we can make on a seconds notice.


  1. You've got some great recipe books there. When I was transitioning from a very S.A.D. to a living foods lifestyle, The Raw Food Detox Diet was my Bible. So so so helpful with menu planning and easy-to-prepare recipes.

  2. Earth Mother-that's one of my favorites. I also have serveral more but I have loaned them out. Penni's (of course) is my all time favortie :)