Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pre-cleanse thoughts

The question people ask me when I tell them I am about to cleanse is "why". I also hear I can't give up _______. Well my new answer is "It's taken 2 years to get here, but I am actually looking forward to it". I have had several health problems over the past few years so now food and diet is not just about losing weight for me anymore. Actually I don't care about the scale or the numbers anymore. I pay attention to it but it does cause me stress or fear any longer.

You know the old saying never talk about sex, religion and politics at social gatherings, I think you have to add diet to that. We love our food and do not think about taking it away from us. I am lumping coffee and alcohol in this group as well. People get very passionate about their diet. Whether they are on a restrictive diet or not. Ask anyone who is Gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and just tries to eat a whole food/organic life style.

Hey I am not looking forward to not having Starbucks for 3 weeks. I may go there for a herbal tea but I love coffee. But I want to feel better. I want to have energy. I want to be focused. So if that means abstaining from a few vices for 21 days, I am all in.


  1. i love coffee too and i hope you enjoy your cleanse - i'm gearing up for one very soon

  2. Good luck on the cleanse! I started the Crazy Sexy Diet and did pretty good for 2 weeks, but the 3rd week wasn't quite so great. Now that there's more fresh produce and variety, I've been thinking about trying it again. 21 days really isn't that long if we feel great afterwards is it?!

  3. Thanks Antony! I forward to hearing about your cleanse.

    Andrea- I found your blog last night looking for others who had done the 21 days. I enjoyed reading yours. You are right! 21 days isn't that long if we feel great! But please come back and remind me of this :)