Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Back to blogging and to my green regime

Yummy Green Juice!
Ready to drink

Oops, I think I missed a sticker. At least I hope that is what that small blue thing is that went into the compost pile. I didn't even notice it when I took the picture.
So in the month I have been absent from blogging, I finished my iron treatments . I also found out I am very low in vitamin D. So add another supplement to the pile that I take daily. I had several people tell me about Floradix iron with Herbs. It is suppose to be great from maintaining a normal iron level. So now that mine is normal, I am going to try it. I was tested 2 weeks ago and things look good. I go back to the doctor next month. So I am going to take this month to really eat iron filled foods and more raw foods. I feel good at about 50% although I hate stating percentages. Percentages are just more numbers that seem to define people. SAT, GPA, age, annual income, dress size, weight. I know I left a few others that make people stress.
Right now, I am really thinking about choices I am making and not so much about numbers. Numbers seem to hold me back. Maybe not hold me back as much as keep me stagnate. I would focus too much on them, giving them way more power that they deserve.
WOW this is not what I intended to talk about at all today. I really wanted to say that I want to blog more and stay off of Facebook. :)


  1. Liller- me too! My fridge is full with greens right now ready to juice.