Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Green Smoothie Challenge

I am on day 3 of a Green Smoothie Challenge. Not all smoothies need to be green. Yesterday I made a mixed berry green smoothie and it became this beautiful shade of purple. I will be posting my smoothies for the rest of the 2 week challenge. Let's recap the smoothies I have had this week....
Ok, so I didn't have a smoothie for Day 1.
I made a green juice instead. I was a little low on bananas so I made my new favorite juice from Penni Shelton's book Raw Food Cleanse. It includes kale, parsley, carrots, celery and green grapes.
Day 2
Mixed Berry Smoothie
Mixed green lettuce, frozen berries, banana, coconut water and mango's. SO good.
Day 3
My Stand By-the one that started it all for me
Spinach, coconut water, banana, mango's and strawberries.

Tomorrow I think I will be making something with kale. I take a smoothie to a friend on Thursdays so my blender will be working overtime in the am!


  1. yes make something with kale, oh queen of kale!

  2. Does the 2 trays of kale chips I made and ate right out of the dehydrator count? That batch never made it to the jar. This is why I only make them every few months.

  3. what a pretty smoothie! ... my kale is growing like gangbusters in the garden .. i'm ridiculously excited about it!