Monday, February 28, 2011

Dairy and wheat free for March

My family has agreed to go dairy and wheat free for the month of March. The bread will be much harder for the kids to give u p than the dairy. We are looking at it as a detox as well as hoping to help with focusing problems (ADHD) I made a trip to Whole Foods and Trader Joe's looking for gluten free goodies to help the kiddos with the missing snacks. My teenager is a little worried about missing his bread for his PB and J's but is committed to do it. We have looked for a good tasting bread before and did not have much luck. We will be visiting a gluten free bakery this weekend so we are hopeful. I will be posting recipes and menus throughout the month. Wish us luck!


  1. I have been gluten free for a little over a year now. I do not have Celiac...but just wanted to feel better. And I do!!!
    I make socca bread and that helps to curb my desire for the texture of bread.
    Best of luck on your wheat free March.

  2. Thanks Frannie for commenting. All the research I have been reading really makes a case for being gluten free even without any health issues. I am glad you have seen results. Hopefully we will too.
    I am going to find a recipe for socca bread, I have not heard of it before.

  3. We have been wheat and dairy free for quite some time and I can honestly say I would never go back. Health is more important and once you detox and shed the cravings it is smooth sailing. Keep up with green smoothies and fresh green/fruit juices--that helps a lot. Also make some raw desserts and raw vegan ice creams. That is how I got the kiddos to feel like nothing was missing. Made the tranistion easier.
    Peace and Raw Health,